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JavaScript Grammar / Learn modern JavaScript (includes ES5-ES10 spec)

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Table Of Contents

Chrome Console Tricks
Welcome To JavaScript
Primitive Types
Type Coercion Madness
...rest and ...spread
Functional Programming
Higher-order Functions
Arrow Functions
Creating HTML Dynamically
Object Oriented Programming
Network Requests
Event Loop
Call Stack

Hey guys, my name is Greg but people know me as JavaScript Teacher on social media. Somehow over the years I have gained 68.9K followers on Twitter where I post JavaScript tutorials and share latest JavaScript tips & tricks.

In my book JavaScript Grammar (PDF) I explain the complete grammar of JavaScript language. The book contains code examples from latest language specification ES6 through ES10 used to write modern web applications.

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Like my other book CSS Visual Dictionary (PDF) the grammar can be looked at as a carefully organized pictorial volume for visual speed-learners.

What I mean is that it's full of clear visual diagrams explaining complex ideas like prototype, class inheritance, async/await and promises.

JavaScript Grammar Preview

Book Content Preview / total 284 pages:

css book preview 1
css book preview 2
css book preview 10
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This book is used in top universities around the world including Australia, UK, California, multiple digital classrooms and even Slack workspace channels.

JavaScript Grammar Dark Mode

Also get Dark Mode perfect for laptops, tablets and ipads! (it does save battery time too.) When you purchase 3 book-bundle (save $59.99) To get the dark mode see the 3-book bundle link above. Currently cannot be purchased separately.

css book preview 1
css book preview 2
css book preview 10
css book preview 4
css book preview 5
css book preview 6
css book preview 7
css book preview 8
css book preview 9

Dark Mode is available only as part of 3-book bundle (you'll get 3 books for price of 1, including css visual dictionary) and you can get it below:

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This book gracefully integrates subjects based on important job interview questions such as Prototype, Functional Programming, Higher-order functions and Object Oriented Programming principles. But it can also be read from start to finish to get the full scope of language capabilities.

PS: I’ve been writing code in JavaScript since 1997, just one year after its official release in Netscape Navigator browser. But JavaScript has changed since that time as it became one of the most widely used and popular computer languages.

I wrote this book to share everything I learned about JavaScript with beginners and intermediate-level coders. There is something for everyone!

What Learners Think

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Recent Amazon book review
The author does not assume prior experience with programming, and makes an effort to explain even the small stuff, which is nice. For people who have been using JS for a while, the nice thing about this book is that you can use it to lookup syntax that you may not have down pat, (rather than 'Stack Overflow'ing' it), or things you haven't needed, and haven't ever actually used. The author appears to make himself really accessible via social media, email, etc - and seems geniunely interested in helping folks learn. The one thing that would improve this book is if the author were to put interactive samples up on his website.

10 people found this helpful
Recent Amazon book review
I've been reading through this book and it's been extremely helpful. If you're learning JavaScript, or if you already know JavaScript but want a deeper dive into the more advanced concepts, this is the book to get. Compared to other, similar books, I found JavaScript Grammar is especially helpful because of the use of easily digestible diagrams, relatable examples, and an easy to read tone.

I would recommend this book to any interested in JavaScript.

3 people found this helpful

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